About Us

The philosophy behind SourceFinn.

Who We Are

"Syed CPA & Associates was established to bring a new level of quality to the financial services industry."

We are a Boutique Financial Consulting Firm.

More than just a regular CPA.

We are a dedicated team (CPA included), with over 25 plus years of experience, whose objectives are to help organizations streamline their accounting and finance processes. In today’s demanding market with constant changes, volatility and the need for on-time services brings the need for proper finance and accounting structure.

Syed CPA & Associates is a unique boutique consulting firm, which customizes in helping clients achieve their financial goals and optimize full revenue growth. At Syed CPA & Associates we are always looking for creative ways to bring efficiency without impacting a client’s operational routine. Profitability growth for customers is our main objective and we offer several products to achieve this.

Emphasis on Efficiency
Fast, reliable, and consistent

Deeply Committed

Each client is a VIP at Syed CPA & Associates and our goal is to deliver projects quickly and efficiently while maintaining our commitment to excellence. Client satisfaction and results are our main drivers.

Highly Skilled

Our team brings with them the combined experience and know how that only comes with decades of work in the financial services industry. The result? We see opportunities where others don't and leverage them for the benefit of our clients.

Customized Projects
Tailored projects to meet your needs for accounting and finance.

We believe each client deserves unique customization and specialized attention. We look at each client individually and aim to make the best recommendations for their needs.

The Difference


Each client of ours receives unique individualized attention and we never cut corners.


We take great care to educate our clients on our work so they feel certain every step of the way.


With over 25 years professional experience we have the know-how for any financial situation.


We don't settle for less than a professional and expert experience each and every time.

Hands On

Give us a call or send an email and we'll get back to you quickly with answers.


Working with Syed CPA & Associates means you can rest assured you have a wealth of knowledge behind you.