Loan Origination Services

Getting a Business Loan can be a challenge in todays market.  Here at SourceFinn, we are here to help your business throughout the loan approval process.


In order to qualify for a loan, we've attached a list of possible items that may be needed:

• 2 Years of Tax Returns (Business and Personal)
• Profit and Loss Statements (Balance Sheets) up to date
• Debt Schedule’s
• Accounts Receivables Report

Aside from providing support, application and underwriting questions can be tricky, we at SourceFinn will help you to produce the documents needed as CPAs, but we have relationships with Funder’s that will only benefit our clients. Our goal is to be a true partner through any underwriting questions the Bank’s may have, as well with any other advisory questions that might arise till you receive your funds.  

Lines of Credit

Has your business hit a bump in the road? Cash Flow seems to be tight? Credit not perfect?

Just like originating services, we can help you apply for a Line of Credit with one of our referral partners and assist you at no cost. Documents required for a Line of Credit may also vary, but whatever is needed we can help! Our goal is to help you grow your business so that we grow together.

Loan Origination Services Include:

• Application Assistance
• Documentation Origination
• SBA Loans
• Term Loans
• Lines of Credit